Monday, October 08, 2007

Knitting For Friends

Susan came by yesterday to show us the beautiful wraps she was making for three of her best friends. These women have known each other since high school. Even though they all live in different places, they get together each year to reminisce and have tons of fun. Susan wanted to knit them all the "Loopy and Luscious" from Susan selected the colors for each wrap based on each person's personality. One friend loves bright colors and is bold and cheery, so she used lime green, bright pinks and yellows. Another friend is very fiery and spunky, so she made hers with various shades of reds and dark plum. Another friend is very warm and nurturing, so she is making hers with tan, brown, and cream tones. What a nice idea to make these for friends. Everyone can always use a pretty wrap.
The yarns used are Berroco Hip Hop and a lace weight mohair. Click here for the pattern.