Thursday, July 10, 2008

Students wear their Blue Sky Alpaca tank

Gina and Ann came in on Sunday for Sandy's free crochet class. They both were wearing their Blue Sky Alpaca tank top that they made in Sandy's "Tank Top" class. It was nice seeing them wear something from a class that they just took. They did such a wonderful job!!!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Jean's Seahorse Sweater

Jean took Sandy's "Tar Heel Sweater" class. The class taught how to make a kid's sweater with the Tar Heel foot on the front and back. However, Jean did not make the sweater with the foot motif. Jean wanted to make her sweater with a seahorse. Her sweater turned out so cute!!! She did such a wonderful job. Way to go Jean for thinking outside the box and make the sweater your own.

Monday, June 09, 2008

Mary's New Knitted Top

Mary came in the other day and showed us the "Short Sleeve Cardigan" she made out of the book, Noro Designer Mini Knits. The yarn she used was Noro Silk Garden.

She did such a great job. It looked great on her. Mary has only been knitting for a short time. Way to go Mary!

Noro Designer Mini Knits contains 30 garments & accessories for women and the home, knit in a variety of Noro yarns; includes sweaters, hats, gloves, pillows, scarves, leg warmers, socks, and a hot water bottle cover. It is truly a collection of garments and accessories that accentuates and defines the beauty of Noro yarns.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Too Much Fun with the Charlotte Yarn Summer Wrap!

Are you looking for the perfect summer shawl? Well, look no further. Come by and try on the "Charlotte Yarn Summer Wrap". It is a wonderful and stylish wrap for when you just want a little extra over your shoulders.

The shawl can be worn various ways. Click here to read about how much fun we had with the wrap.

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

The Alpaca Grande Shrug with a Twist and the Anthropologie Capelet

Lynn made the Plymouth Alpaca Grande Shrug that so many have already made. However, Lynn decided not to use the Alpaca Grande, but instead she used Venezia by Cascade Yarns. The Venezia gave the shrug the perfect drape and feel. The yarn is made of 70% merino wool and 30% silk and has a little sheen.

Lynn had some of the Venezia left from making the shrug. Instead of adding the yarn to her stash, she decided to buy a couple more skeins and make the Anthropologie Inspired Capelet .

Way to go Lynn! Two new additions to your wardrobe.

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Lazaro Tank Top

Sandy made the Lazaro tank top from the book, Mirasol Collection by Jane Ellison. It is such a cute and stylish tank. It can be worn with another tank underneath or with a short or long sleeve shirt. It can be dressed up or down. It is the perfect tank for any one's wardrobe. The yarn is Hacho from Mirasol which is 100% hand dyed merino wool.

The tank top has been such a big hit, Sandy is teaching a class on it.

The class is on Saturday, May 24th, May 31st & June 7th; 9 am- 10:30am ($35).

Come by and try it on.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Suzan Learns To Tango!

Suzan has only been knitting for a short time. I remember teaching her how to knit. She was very excited to learn and wanted to knit gifts for others.

I am so proud of Suzan. She has been challenging herself to knit and learn new things. The latest and greatest thing she learned was the Tango scarf. Way to go Suzan!

If you would like to learn to make this stylish ruffled scarf, please us at

Monday, April 14, 2008

Go Tar Heels!!!

Sandy made the cutest sweater for my daughter Ava. William is a HUGE Tar Heel fan and was so excited to see his little girl in it. He fowarded her picture to every Tar Heel fan he knew. What Sandy doesn't know is that William is going to ask her to make Ava a new sweater every time she outgrows it. Sandy will be making this sweater until after Ava graduates from UNC. I just hope William will not ask me to make him a sweater.

Sandy used the purple foot graph from Melissa Matthay’s Grape Stompin’ pattern and tailored the foot to look like a Tar Heel. The foot is on the front and back of the sweater. The pattern was sold in a box set titled, Knitting Patterns by Melissa: Volume One-BABIES TO TODDLERS However, her patterns are now sold seperately.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Meet Charlotte Yarn's Knitting Guru

Get to Know One of Our Wonderful Instructors

Many of you may already know Jane Prater. She is very well known in the Charlotte Knitting Community. Prior to Charlotte Yarn, she taught classes at the Sewing Bird. We are very lucky to have her a part of the Charlotte Yarn team. Jane teaches classes and private lessons at the shop. You will also find her working in the shop from time to time helping out.

For those who do know Jane as well, I wanted to give you the opportunity to get to know her.

Jane has been teaching something to someone since before I was born. She has focused obsessively on knitting since the early 1990’s. She has been taught by the best—Melville, Chin, Devine, Neatby, Strick, Bush, Brown-Reinsel, Fisher, New, Saarnit, to name a few. The best class ever was on making the sweater fit and was taught by Rick Mondragon, editor of Knitters. Jane went to Scandinavia with Interweave Knits and to Greece with Knitters. She has completed Level 1 of the The Knitting Guild Association Master Knitter program and is procrastinating with Level 2. Jane’s philosophy of teaching is ripped right out of Elizabeth Zimmerman’s books: Relax, it’s just string!!!

Jane is also currently the President of the Charlotte Knitting Guild.

To get in touch with Jane to schedule a private lesson or have questions about her classes, you can email her at

Jane also has a blog and a website. Check them out!!! She often posts what projects she is working on. Her blog is and her website is

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Romeo has found his Juliet, and it is Stacey

Stacey came by the shop during our anniversary party (for those who were not there, you missed a GREAT party). She was wearing the cutest sweater, called Juliet by Zephyr Style. It looked fantastic on her. It is knit from the top down. Also, because it is knit in either double strand worsted or bulky weight yarn, it knits up quite fast. I love its empire waist.

Great job Stacey!!!

If you would like to order the Juliet pattern, please visit the Zephyr Style blog at

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Ava's Bunny Hat!

I finished Ava's bunny hat last week. It is so cute. I love it!!! The pattern is in the book, Itty-Bitty Hats, by Susan B. Anderson. The yarn I used was the Sublime Kid Mohair. I thought the yarn was perfect for the hat because of the little bit of fuzz.

The hat is really easy to make. If you have never seen the book, you are missing out on the cutest baby hats ever.

Editorial Reviews
Book Description:

"Beautifully rendered, heartbreakingly adorable, and wonderfully wacky knitted caps for newborns and toddlersThirty-eight million Americans knit, and that number grows every day. The baby hat is the perfect project for knitters of any level, with enchanting patterns that are easy enough for rank beginners but also interesting enough for the most accomplished needle wielders, in yarns that range from silk and linen to cashmere and mohair. Susan Anderson’s Itty-Bitty Hats presents thirty-eight irresistible designs for infants and toddlers—fun, hip, creative patterns with decorative flourishes that are witty, whimsical, and undeniably unique. The projects are arranged by order of difficulty and accompanied by beautiful photographs, instructive how-to illustrations, and utterly clear instructions (with no confusing abbreviations or insider shorthand). Anderson also provides an indispensable introductory section on stitches, materials, equipment, terminology, and techniques, allowing even the most inexperienced knitter to get started confidently.Made for boys and girls, by parents and grandparents, aunts and even uncles, and, of course, best friends, the handmade hat is the perfect shower or birth or birthday gift—and Itty-Bitty Hats is the perfect gift for any knitter. "

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Bailey Walks The Runway at Charlotte Yarn

Harriet made the cutest little doggie sweater for her grandpup, Bailey. The sweater pattern is in the book, Knits for Dogs and Cats.

Bailey came by the shop for his modeling debut. He worked the Charlotte Yarn runway!!!

Book Description
"Glam up Fido or Fifi with these stylish, eye-catching knitted animal outfits and accessories! Your pets will be flawlessly dressed for any occasion thanks to everything from the laid-back Sunday attire to the glitzy party wear. Select from such fashion-forward items as a Striped Hoodie, Mod Parka, or Ballerina outfit for your pooch, plus a Scarf, Bandana, Corsage, Blanket, Fish Cushion, and Shoe Chews for both dogs and cats. There are also fetching hold-alls to carry small pups, comfy chairs for cat- or dog-napping, and exciting toys for everyday play. The projects are quick and simple, and come complete with helpful advice on measuring your pet, choosing alternative palettes, and adorable illustrations of dogs and cats modeling the garments."

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Sherbet Vists Charlotte Yarn

Lothie came in the other day and brought her cute little friend, Sherbet. Sherbet is an angora bunny rabbit and is the softest and fluffiest thing ever.

You can spin the bunny's fur into angora yarn. Angora is very fine and warm. As natural fiber, it breathes, allowing body moisture to escape, keeping the wearer dry, as well as warm. It is ideal for winter clothing. Many people who find sheep's wool too irritable and scratchy, find Angora a wonderful alternative for warmth and comfort. So the next time you reach for that beautiful angora yarn, think of Sherbet.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Opal Sock Yarn Has Arrived

Opal Sock Yarns
The sock yarn with a built in design!
We have added three new Opal sock yarns to our collection (Zirkus, Uni-Color, Rendez-vous). For those who have never worked with Opal, you are missing out.

Opal is a high quality German sock yarn that has the color actually printed on the running yarn just before it is wound into balls. This printing method allows greater flexibility in the choice of color and design.
This yarn is great for socks, hats, scarves, baby sweaters and even a poncho. You can get free patterns using Opal on

75% Wool, 25% PolyamideMachine wash and dry18 wpi 7 sts/1"

US #1, one ball makes a pair of socks! 459 yds (425 m)

Monday, February 11, 2008

Lynn is All Ruffled Up

I remember Lynn when she was just making scarves and baby blankents. Now look at her!!! Lynn has moved on and completed her first garment. She did a wonderful job. She even learned how to pick up stitches.

Doesn't she look great in the "All Ruffled Up" pattern.

Way to go Lynn!!!

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Corey's Three Button Wrap

One of our wonderful customers, Corey, finished the Three Button Wrap. I also made the wrap, but out of Noro Kochoran. However, Corey used the Fleece Artist Scotian Silk. My mouth dropped as soon as I saw it. Her wrap is GORGEOUS!!! I wanted to ask her if we could trade. Although I love my wrap, the Scotian Silk yarn made it look more elegant. The dark brown button that she used looked great with the browns and green tones of the yarn.

Corey said it took her a little more that 1 skein of the Scotian Silk.

Good Job Corey!!!

If you are not familar with the "Three Button Wrap," there is a shop sample hanging in the shop.

Saturday, February 02, 2008

Gesta Gets Everyone!!!

The Gesta pattern is quickly becoming another favorite at Charlotte Yarn. It all began when Cristi made it. When I saw it, I had to get one for the shop. It only takes 2 skeins of the Noro Kochoran!!!

Anne is modeling the shop sample. Come by and see the Gesta in person. The pattern is in the Cornelia Tuttle Hamilton, Book 2 book. To view additional patterns in this book, click here.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Jane Adapts The Baby Alpaca Grande Vest

The Baby Alpaca Grande Shrug, has been a big hit at the shop. Ever since we put up a store sample, it seems almost everyone has been making it. The shrug is so cute and easy to make.

However, if you are very blessed in the chest area, the shrug doesn't fit quite right. Jane is one of the blessed ones, but that did not stop her from making it. Jane decided to adapt the pattern to fit her body. She also added a cabled braid in the back. The vest looks fantastic on her.

If you would like to read more about Jane's vest adaptation, please visit her blog by clicking here. If you would like to take a private lesson with Jane to learn the pattern adaption or how to tailor a pattern to fit your body, please email her at

For more information about Jane and her classes at Charlotte Yarn, please visit her website at

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Anne's Lattice Baby Blanket

Anne finished the Lattice Baby Blanket. The pattern is from Mac and Me. The blanket is made out of Blue Sky Alpaca's Hand Dyed Cotton. The blanket is so beautiful!!!

Anne loves this blanket so much, so is going to make another one using the Blue Sky Organic Cotton.

Great job Anne!

Friday, January 18, 2008

Longways Is The Way To Go!!!!

Many people think that I scarf can only be knitted by casting on 10-20 stitches. However, you can also knit a scarf longways using a circular needle. Natalie had a scarf at the shop where she casted on about 216 stitches. On every row she changed the yarn. Her whole scarf was in garter stitch (knit every row). She also left a 6" inch tail on each row, which made the scarf self fringing.

A customer loved Natalie's scarf so much that she made her own longways scarf. She used yarns that complemented each other and had various textures. Her scarf turned out fabulous!!! This just proves that you can take several yarns and mix them together to make a unique and wonderful creation.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Who said that a scarf has to be boring!

One of our newest knitters came in the shop last month and wanted to make a scarf for her mother. She selected this beautiful scarf pattern out of the book, KNIT PONCHOS WRAPS & SCARVES by Jane Davis. I just love the way the scarf is braided at the ends. Who said scarves are boring?

The yarn she used was Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran which gave it a very soft feel.

Great job!!!

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

The Charlotte Purls Were In The House!!!

We were very fortunate to have the "Charlotte Purls" hold their last meeting in '07 at Charlotte Yarn. They are such a great group of people.

The Charlotte Purls is a locale knitting group in Charlotte, NC who meet every other Saturday from 2-4PM at Bear Rock Cafe off of Mallard Creek in the University area. If you are looking for a knitting group to join, you definitely have to check them out. Everyone is so nice. They also have a wonderful mixture of knitting skills, from the beginner to the experienced.

For more information about the Charlotte Purls, please visit their website at or email them at