Saturday, April 12, 2008

Meet Charlotte Yarn's Knitting Guru

Get to Know One of Our Wonderful Instructors

Many of you may already know Jane Prater. She is very well known in the Charlotte Knitting Community. Prior to Charlotte Yarn, she taught classes at the Sewing Bird. We are very lucky to have her a part of the Charlotte Yarn team. Jane teaches classes and private lessons at the shop. You will also find her working in the shop from time to time helping out.

For those who do know Jane as well, I wanted to give you the opportunity to get to know her.

Jane has been teaching something to someone since before I was born. She has focused obsessively on knitting since the early 1990’s. She has been taught by the best—Melville, Chin, Devine, Neatby, Strick, Bush, Brown-Reinsel, Fisher, New, Saarnit, to name a few. The best class ever was on making the sweater fit and was taught by Rick Mondragon, editor of Knitters. Jane went to Scandinavia with Interweave Knits and to Greece with Knitters. She has completed Level 1 of the The Knitting Guild Association Master Knitter program and is procrastinating with Level 2. Jane’s philosophy of teaching is ripped right out of Elizabeth Zimmerman’s books: Relax, it’s just string!!!

Jane is also currently the President of the Charlotte Knitting Guild.

To get in touch with Jane to schedule a private lesson or have questions about her classes, you can email her at

Jane also has a blog and a website. Check them out!!! She often posts what projects she is working on. Her blog is and her website is